Why is V (BTS) still protected despite his cold attitude towards fans at the airport?

Many fans defended V (BTS) amidst the noise of not greeting fans and reporters at the airport. Even in the eyes of an audience, V is the most kind and respectful idol of BTS.


On June 28, V (BTS), Lisa (Blackpink) and Park Bo Gum returned to Korea after 4 days in Paris to attend the show of French fashion brand Celine.

Many fans and reporters were at Gimpo International Airport, Seoul early to welcome the idols back. However, V’s attitude made some fans confused and disappointed.

In contrast to Lisa and Park Bo Gum who enthusiastically waved and bowed, V went straight into the car without looking back.

Some newspapers reported criticizing the BTS member for “ignoring fans and reporters”. As soon as he returned, V posted an apology on Weverse. His fans also defended the idol.

An audience member posted a video showing that, although he did not greet fans and reporters as soon as he stepped out of the airport lobby, when the car moved, V lowered the window a little and raised his hand to wave.

Recently, there was another post on social media with the title “Incident before V (BTS) left the airport” that attracted the public’s attention.

This spectator said: “This is what happened at the airport. The flight was delayed and it was pouring rain. There were a lot of fans waiting, so the security staff told them to leave. leave the location and return at 11am.

Apparently, some of the fans who waited in line for hours were worried thinking they might lose their place, but a few members of the security team arrived and arranged the line. 

But at that moment, it started to rain heavily. While everyone was trying not to get caught in the rain and also had to line up, a bunch of foreign fans who arrived later pushed their way to the front line. They clashed with the leaders and the police.”

This person continued, “Usually, the press and reporters are provided with security cords, but due to the rain and chaos, they couldn’t make arrangements. They had to keep fans waiting right behind the reporters. . 

But then, the foreign fan suddenly acted abnormally. They left the line and ran up the street, where the artist shuttle was coming. The security team repeatedly warned them not to enter the area because of possible accidents, but they ignored…

It was complete chaos and the reporters were very angry because foreign fans blocked their view.”

Until V appeared: “V was supposed to come out from the airport, then walk a small distance to his car. But now the security team started going in and out, it seems they have informed inform V of the chaotic situation outside.

So V quickly jumped on the shuttle and left. When V left, the situation calmed down a bit, but then Lisa came out, those foreign fans rushed into her car and ran right next to the car while it was rolling. The security team couldn’t do anything because foreign fans wouldn’t listen.”

Under the post, many viewers left comments in favor of V. They said that the reason why V went straight without greeting as usual was because of the chaos at that time. V doesn’t want things to get worse if he lingers.

Another audience member said, V was unfounded because the situation was out of control, although he apologized later. 

For a long time, the public has known V as one of the idols with the most exuberant and open attitude towards fans at the airport. He is also praised by many reporters as a humble artist and always respects his fans.

Many times V broke HYBE’s “no autograph” rule to please fans’ support and love. During his recent business trip, V also made an exception for fans in Paris, showing his enthusiasm as a Korean star.