Why does HYPE always deal with the rumor that RM is married to a tycoon but ignore the suspicion that V (BTS) is dating Jennie?

The online community is strongly discussing HYBE's opposite reaction to the love rumors of 2 BTS members - V and RM.


In the last 1 month, there have been 2 members of BTS caught up in love rumors. In May 2022, netizens were confused by the suspicion that V (BTS) and Jennie ( BLACKPINK ) were secretly dating, and recently it was reported that leader RM was about to marry a tycoon lady.

Faced with the sensitive issue of artists, HYBE Labels had a completely different approach. This inadvertently caused an uproar in the online community.

RM married a tycoon, HYBE denied it right away

Recently, a YouTuber brought RM to prepare to marry a girl of the same age, a tycoon lady, and a graduate of the prestigious Ivy League university. The bride is a fan of BTS, the two met in the group’s fan meeting around 2014 – 2015. At the end of 2021, RM was also rumored to be dating this girl, but the company and himself were up. denial.

Before the latest romance rumors, on June 24, HYBE Labels also immediately denied, even announced that they would take legal action against the act of spreading false rumors and making photos. affect artists.

V secretly dates Jennie, HYPE insists on keeping quiet

With the quick denial from HYBE Labels to RM’s rumors, the online community is even more suspicious about the relationship between V and Jennie. Last May, the photo that is believed to be V driving Jennie secretly dating in Jeju Island caused a stir on social media. Even airline staff released the couple’s flight details.

This image has caused netizens everywhere to argue vehemently. While many fans think that this is just a collage, the original photo is V and J-Hope at In The Soop , others claim that this is completely real.

Despite the rumors that were widely discussed on online forums, HYBE Labels and YG Entertainment were determined to remain silent, without even reacting. This treatment makes many fans confused, because the company has previously denied rumors that V is dating the daughter of Paradise Group – Joanna Chun.

Many people have confirmed from here that it’s true that V and Jennie are dating, so the company reacted differently when V and Joanna Chun had emotional doubts. The fan community of BTS and BLACKPINK is still waiting for a response from the company.