Who is the richest BTS in 2022?

With his popularity, many ARMYs must be curious who is currently the richest person in BTS and how much wealth this member owns.


The fact that BTS is the most successful K-pop group in the world today is something many people already know. BTS’ popularity has grown globally since 2 years ago, shortly after the huge success of Dynamite , the group’s first English single.
Dynamite earned them their first Grammy nomination. And BTS is the K-pop artist to receive this honor. Then, with the release of their second English single, Butter , the BTS members continued to reap success day after day and received a second Grammy nomination.

Moreover, in addition to the income of an entire group, some members also have solo projects, leading to the difference in their assets. When HYBE – BTS’s management company, went public with an IPO last year, the value of the popular group increased even more.
BTS has 7 members, including J-Hope, Jin, Jimin, Suga, Jungkook, V, RM. And the person who owns the biggest fortune in BTS is J-Hope. Over the years, he has continued to hold this position.

J-Hope (real name Jung Hoseok) is the lead dancer, main rapper, and sometimes acts as the only Lead Vocalist of the group. J-Hope’s net worth is currently estimated at $26 million.

One factor contributing to J-Hope’s growing fortune comes from the fact that his own mixtape Hope World ranked high on global charts in 2018. The song Daydream from the Hope World mixtape brought the male idol to the top. number one on Billboard’s digital sales chart. J-Hope is also the first BTS member to have a hit in the Top 100 ( Chicken Noodle Soup ).

According to media reports, including Seoul Space and KpopStarz, in BTS, J-Hope is also noted for contributing a lot to the group’s songwriting, album production, and choreography.
Some sources added that in addition to a prominent music career, J-Hope is also a “cool” real estate giant of Korean showbiz.