V (BTS) wears the same earrings as Jennie after dating news

For the first time appearing after the scandal, the BTS member was praised for his luxurious appearance and liberal expression.


Before the dating rumors of V and Jennie, fans are watching the two’s moves. On May 29, the BTS member appeared at Incheon International Airport (Korea) to go to the US to meet President Biden at the White House.

Notably, fans quickly realized that the slip-on earrings he wore were the same as those worn by Jennie when taking pictures for Chanel, according to AllKpop . Many people are surprised because they think that their idol has never worn earrings when going to the airport.

“He must have known that all eyes would be on him. Because this is his first time appearing in public since the dating scandal. Coincidentally, he appeared with an earring from a line modeled by Jennie. This seems to say the message of dating recognition”, one net user commented.

Besides, some people think that paying attention to the piercing analysis is a bit “forced”. Because V still regularly uses products from Chanel. The earrings he chose this time may just be a coincidence, not saying anything for the relationship of both Korean idols.

In addition to earrings, other fashion items worn by the BTS member to the airport this time also attracted attention.

V appeared in a chic relaxed look in a white long-sleeve top, long pants, and a beanie. He is also seen wearing a Delvaux bag.

The white sweater V wore quickly sold out in all sizes on the brand’s official website.

On May 23, YTN Star and many Korean media reported that male singer V (BTS) and Jennie (member of BlackPink group) are said to be dating. The information comes from an image of a man and a woman that is said to be Jennie and V driving a tourist car on Jeju Island.

Jennie and V’s management company YG Entertainment and HYBE have not released a statement regarding the news of the two stars dating. Faced with that situation, the love story between V and Jennie once again became a hot topic of discussion.