V (BTS) – The most searched K-Pop idol in Google history

V - a member of BTS - continues to prove his charm around the world with this new record of Google.


Recently, according to Google Trends statistics, Kim Taehyung (V) of BTS has become the most searched K-Pop artist in the history of Google – the world’s largest search engine.

Specifically, this data compares from 2013 to 2022, the year of BTS’ debut with the present time, showing that V is the most searched member of BTS since before the group’s global success. The popularity of the male idol is still maintained to this day. Notably, in second and third place are still 2 members of BTS: Jungkook and Jimin

Previously, many newspapers also ranked V as the most popular idol in 2022. Pop culture entertainment website Otakusmart voted V as the most popular global K-Pop idol for the second year in a row. These rankings are based on Google searches, Instagram followers, and Guinness World Records. Not stopping there, this newspaper also praised V with the title “Korea’s Diamond Voice”.

V has always been known for breaking records and achieving many remarkable achievements thanks to his popularity. Hypeauditor, an AI-enhanced platform for measuring influencer performance, ranked Taehyung’s official Instagram account at 10th out of 100 Instagram influencers this past April.