V (BTS) apologizes for his cold attitude at the airport

V (BTS) quickly posted an apology and reassured fans when the male idol received mixed reactions for his cold attitude, not greeting fans and reporters at the airport.



My Daily reported that on June 28, the trio of stars V (BTS), Lisa (Blackpink) and actor Park Bo Gum returned to Korea after 4 days in Paris to attend the brand’s show “Celine Men’s Summer 2023” French fashion brand Celine.

It was expected that they would enter at Gimpo International Airport, Seoul at around 8:55 am, but it was not until 12:20 am that the stars landed due to flight delays. Many fans and reporters were at the airport early to welcome the idols back.

However, the attitude of V (BTS) disappointed many fans.

Lisa and Park Bo Gum enthusiastically waved, dropped their hearts, and bowed to respond to the fans’ love. In contrast, V in short shorts, slippers, a mask, and tight sunglasses immediately went straight to the shuttle as soon as he left the airport lobby.

According to Mydaily, despite fans and reporters desperately calling his name, V still went straight to the car within 10 seconds without looking back. After V got into the car, the black glass door quickly closed and the car moved.

Many fans were disappointed by the male idol’s unusual attitude. This is completely different from the image when V departed to France on June 24. He wears trendy clothes, waves his hands, bows with a beaming face.

However, as soon as he returned, V posted an apology on Weverse. The male idol wrote, “Reporters and ARMY, I’m sorry for getting into the car. Have you waited long? I brought a present here.”

Then, to make up for the fans, V “discharged” a series of photos during the trip on social networks. He also revealed, Park Bo Gum sent him 50 photos so he will post them gradually.

After V’s apology, many viewers expressed sympathy. They thought that maybe V was very tired after the event, so he wanted to quickly return home to rest.

Another audience posted a video showing that, although he did not greet fans and reporters as soon as he stepped out of the airport lobby, when the car moved, V lowered the window a little and raised his hand to wave.

The male idol’s apology action is highly appreciated.