Touched by the reason why Jin BTS ‘demanded’ these 2 songs in the new album

ARMY will need to prepare tissues when reading Jin BTS's share below.


As part of promotions for their upcoming compilation album Proof, each BTS member will upload a personal Proof of Inspiration video, which shares the inspirational things they feel in their lives.

Following V, member Jin shared a video in which the male idol discussed the meaningful songs he had carefully selected for the album

I want to put ‘Moon’ and ‘Jamais Vu’ in the album so you can listen to them again” – Jin shared
The song Moon, which Jin co-wrote, showcases the close bond between BTS and ARMY, which makes it an emotional choice.

“Everybody knows that ARMY and I are inseparable, just like the Earth and the Moon. And the fact that this is also the content of the Moon ” – “global handsome” Jin said.
Additionally, the K-pop star discussed how his relationship with fans has progressed. Not only like two separate parts but always supporting each other, Jin thinks that they are becoming more and close and as if they are becoming one. Since many events in the lives of both BTS and ARMY would not have been possible without each other, the two have become inseparable parts of each other.

Jin added, “Now, I think we’re at a point where I’m ARMY and ARMY is me. We’ve become one. The path I’ve taken so far would not have been possible without it. ARMY. You are mine, and also living proof of BTS’ existence.”

Meanwhile, Jamais Vu has content revolving around the difficulties of BTS’ journey to the top and mentions that supporters are the place for the group to rely on during difficult times.

“Just like the lyrics of Jamais Vu, whenever things get tough and I’m exhausted, I’ll think of our members and ARMY who have been my refuge, comfort, and help. I create more good music,” – Jin shared emotionally.
BTS is a K-pop group consisting of 7 members: Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, V, Suga, J-Hope, and RM. Currently, they are the most successful and popular group in the world.