BTS is a group that advertises up to 8,900 billion VND/person, the most secretive member’s income increased by 70,000 times after 10 years.

This group is now a globally famous name, so it is not surprising that the members have huge income compared to when they first debuted


BTS is the group with the highest income in the Korean entertainment industry at the moment, each member owns a huge fortune. This is not surprising information for the audience, but the specific information about the salary level of the 7 boys really surprised people

According to the latest broadcast of the program TMI News Show, BTS’ annual advertising costs are estimated at 65 billion won (1100 billion VND), with a contract value of about 5 billion won. (89 billion VND). To date, it is estimated that each BTS member’s income from advertising is more than 500 billion won (VND 8900 billion).

Despite being the most secretive member and not too popular on social media in the BTS lineup, Suga was voted the most successful life-changing star. He used to work as a part-timer and had an unbelievable transformation. Suga once shared that in 2012, he used to work part-time at a convenience store and as a delivery worker. At that time, BTS was in danger of not being able to debut because the company had a financial crisis. It is known that the part-time job at that time brought Suga 209,000 won (about 3.7 million VND) for 3 days. But after 10 years, his income has increased to… more than 70,000 times.