The surprising truth about BTS members’ appearance in real life

Many fans have witnessed the real-life images of BTS members . Most of the comments said that they were surprised by the idol's appearance.



Most of the K Army (BTS’s informal word for Korean fans) saw Jin up close and commented, “Jin is really super cold”. Some K Armys have noticed: “When Jin isn’t smiling, he can almost be a scary guy”.

According to fans, Jin’s face is delicate and has depth with his facial features.


On the other hand, Suga’s charisma is said to be extremely approachable and friendly. According to fans who have seen him in person, Suga is really cute and approachable – unlike what he shows on camera.


K Armys who look closely at J-Hope’s charisma in real life all mention one thing: He’s twice, three, and four times more handsome in real life than in photos and videos. Not only because of his brilliant looks – but his overall attitude and style creates an irresistible charm. The K Armys all concluded that J-Hope’s real appearance “cannot be expressed in words”.


Some commented that RM looks gentle and sweet in real life. Others consider him rigid and charismatic.

All agree that RM has a 200% eye-catching physique. K Army commented, “He looks like a model with his manly body. He attracts the audience’s attention because of his quite theatrical body.”


All the K Armys who have seen Jimin in real life said that they were most surprised by his appearance. When he’s on camera, he really looks cool. One K Army commented, “His face is really scary to the point of making people feel like a loser.”


Most K Armys who have seen V up close agree that he is actually a lot more manly than they imagined. Fans commented, his nose can be detected from a distance because of its prominence.


As his nicknames “Bunny” and “Maltese” suggest, Jungkook is often thought of as cuter. And fans claim it’s true! K Army quote: “Jungkook is actually even cuter than his pictures and videos”.

Although he bursts with power on stage, he is always very friendly and approachable. More importantly, the K Army shared, Jungkook’s real-life figure is more realistic than the photo.