The reason why BTS V is famous as the ‘stage genius’ of K-pop


Choreography is one of the integral aspects of K-pop and every idol spends years honing and honing their skills.

Leaving a mark in such a competitive industry is even harder, as every idol needs to perfect all the necessary skills of a “phenomenal performer” to debut.

That being said, within each generation, there are a handful of idol groups and idols whose perfect performances have gone down in history. One of them is BTS and member V.

In 2013, BTS debuted with members J-Hope, Jimin and Jungkook as 3 members of the dance group. In the early days of BTS, this trio known as the most beloved “3J” took center stage and perfected every choreography.

However, member V, who was only classified as “vocal” and “visual”, left such an impression on the audience that today he is a worthy member of BTS’ dance group and is also known as the “Stage Genius” of K-pop.

Many people question how did V break out of the stereotypical position of the K-pop industry and create a famous name for himself?

In 2014, with the release of the single War of Hormones, V received countless praises for how he put on a flawless performance.

Since then, the star has been rated as one of the best performers on stage, an idol who not only captivates the audience with her soulful and steady voice, clear and sharp dance moves. shrewd but also an idol who brings a lot of nuance to her performance with her engaging expressions and gestures.

Even before BTS reached this unimaginable star status, V’s fancams were receiving sky-high views, placing him among the most popular dancers in the industry.

V’s performances continued to gain popularity, leading to him being crowned as the idol with the most viewed solo fancam in K-pop history and being dubbed the “King of fancams”.

Unlike many idols who are other incredible dancers, V stands out because he is an overall performer who not only understands what the song is about, but also how to make the performance come true. be more engaging and memorable.

This is often emphasized when 9 out of 10 rookie idols call V their role model, earning him the nicknames “Idol of Idols” and “Textbook of Idol Gestures”.

Over the years, some of them have mentioned their amazement at the way V captivates audiences with his various charms, while others revealed that they regularly watch TV shows. his fancam to learn how to interact with fans and learn more from his facial expressions and gestures to improve the quality and memorability of his performance.

This is a true testament to the sheer power V has as a performer.

Being a polished dancer and an inspiring performer are two different skills that many people often falter on.

Years of training and practice can make anyone a good dancer but into a star on stage, whose charisma demands attention while also motivating idols. learning is something only a few can achieve.

However, with his sincere hard work and talent, V has proven himself to be an ace of the stage.