The reason Jimin is most looking forward to when BTS separates from solo activities

According to Vogue, Jimin has many advantages in developing solo activities when BTS is "temporarily disbanded" , because he is "the idol of idols", possessing outstanding beauty, voice and performance skills.


After 9 years of operation, with millions of albums sold, two Grammy nominations and hundreds of music awards, BTS has affirmed an important place in the ranks of influential pop artists. 

But as soon as they returned with the new album “Proof”, BTS shocked when they announced that they would suspend group activities to focus on each member’s solo career. 

A series of media channels, experts make comments about the future of BTS, as well as the future of the Korean music industry, in the absence of the most popular K-pop group at the moment.

Will Jimin be the brightest member of BTS?

Recently, the leading British magazine – Vogue published an article titled “What’s next for each BTS member?”, providing a detailed look at each member’s future as artists. solo in the near future, when BTS suspends group activities.

In particular, Jimin is one of the idols that Vogue has high expectations for when it comes to solo activities. 

At the beginning of the trailer for Jimin, Vogue wrote, “Known as an ‘idol of idols’, Jimin, with his angelic voice and virtuoso dancing skills, was revealed in the group’s dinner party video. that he is diligently planning solo music activities in the future and even consulted Suga for a joint collaboration.”

The introduction from the famous magazine recognized Jimin’s unparalleled dancing ability in the Korean music industry. Because so far, Jimin has been considered an “idol” by many K-pop idols, rookies consider him a “dream” and constantly praise the talent of the member with the most outstanding dancing ability in BTS.

Regarding the music genre, Vogue predicts, Jimin will not only deliver ballads but also delve into the depths of pop music. At the same time, focus on the performance element to ensure that the audience can see more top-notch choreography, like “I Need You” Jimin once performed.

According to Allkpop, Jimin’s solo stages have always been the highlight of BTS’s career. In 2018, Jimin was honored to receive a Special Certificate of Merit from the Association for the Preservation of Intangible Culture for his legendary fan dance performance at the Melon Music Awards.

According to Vogue, with his skillful skills and extensive experience, Jimin can become a perfect guest mentor for the biggest K-pop survival shows. 

This is entirely possible, because Jimin studied dance since his sophomore year of high school and was once judged to have the potential to become a professional dancer, before he decided to develop a career as a musical idol.

A dance instructor once commented, Jimin is “a bank of ideas and a kid who knows how to use his body.” His seriousness, hard work, and will inspire many juniors. .

Jimin once said in an interview that, for him, performance is a passion, a means of connection, and an emotional cord connecting art creators and the public.

In April, Jimin drew attention when he first featured in a movie soundtrack, the song “With you” featuring Ha Sung Woon. “With you” captivated the audience with the combination of Jimin’s sweet voice and Sung Woon’s ghostly voice.

The song recorded many remarkable achievements on international music charts, surpassing the record of reaching Top 1 on iTunes Top Songs chart fastest by “Dynamite” – a hit of BTS.

Grow into a versatile artist

Vogue’s article also pointed out, besides music, there are two areas Jimin can promote, that is alcohol and beauty. Jimin loves to enjoy wines and can study many European and American stars, invest in a vineyard. 

In addition, Jimin has an enviably flawless skin. If he develops his own line of skin care products, that is also very promising.

Above all, with his strong influence, Jimin has the opportunity to develop in all fields. Jimin regularly tops the Kpop boy group member brand reputation rankings every month, according to the Korean Business Research Institute.

The Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea once affirmed that in kimchi, almost “everyone knows Jimin’s name”. The international media also mentioned him as a prominent representative of the Kpop wave. “Any local people tend to know Jimin, even though they may not know BTS,” an international fan once asserted.

Recently, in a survey on Billboard with the question “Which BTS solo project do fans want to see?”, Jimin once again proved his charm with the Top 1 position.