The moment Jungkook collapsed on stage made BTS extremely worried, SUGA still secretly cried in the bathroom


Jungkook's condition caused the BTS members to worry, so we know how important the male idol is in the hearts of the 6 brothers in the same group.

Jungkook is famous for his ability to master the stage, but the “golden maknae” of BTS is just human, sometimes he is tired or weak. During the concert of the WINGS tour in Chile in 2017, fans noticed that the male idol did not seem well, even nearly collapsed while performing.

It was true that that day Jungkook’s health had problems. He had to breathe oxygen backstage and do his best to finish the show. However, Jungkook’s serious condition was only revealed in the documentary Burn The Stage.

He even had to breathe oxygen because of exhaustion

Right on stage, V showed his nervousness by making a special handshake gesture between him and Jungkook. Luckily, BTS completed the concert well.

This is a special handshake that the two often do together

Backstage, the group revealed their reactions when they saw their youngest brother almost collapsed from exhaustion. J-hope shared: “Through the earphones, we could hear the director telling Jungkook to breathe oxygen if he felt too much. He lost consciousness at that time. Then, instead of focusing on himself, all. My attention was on Jungkook “. RM thinks that BTS will suffer a lot if Jungkook cannot perform, he has such an important role that no one can replace him. BTS’s leader commented, “It would be a big loss if Jungkook was absent. Of course it would happen if any of the 7 members couldn’t perform, but because Jungkook is the main vocal and center in the repertoire, he has many important segments. Without Jungkook, no one can replace him. ”

RM thinks that no one can replace Jungkook’s position if he is absent

The group continued to discuss Jungkook’s health during the meal after the concert. When talking, SUGA – who seemed to be the toughest and strongest person in the group, caught attention when revealing that he secretly cried in the bathroom.J-hope: I was quite worried.Jin: I’m really worried.SUGA: To be honest, I cried a little in the bathroom.RM: I saw him (Jungkook) from behind during Fire.Jin: Yeah, she looked like she was going through the most difficult moment during Fire.RM: She seems tired.Jimin: I asked him why he tried to endure, he said: “This is the last concert in Chile”.

BTS chatted about Jungkook’s condition after the concert ended

Jungkook was exhausted but still persisted to perform until the end because this was the last concert of BTS’s tour in Chile. Remembering that moment, the youngest BTS member confessed: “We will not see them again for a long time. I want to be remembered in the most beautiful light possible. I think that’s why I work.

Because I can’t see fans for a long time … so Jungkook wants to be remembered in his best state

He doesn’t know when he will ever return, so he wants to dedicate himself to leaving the best memories in the hearts of fans. And like fans, Jungkook must know how much BTS worried about him during that critical moment.