The leader of BTS plans to open an art exhibition

While the members debuted with solo music projects, RM - the leader of BTS - cherished the plan to open an art exhibition.


(June 28), Art Basel released its latest podcast episode called Intersections with various celebrities sharing their views on art. One of the guests of this show is RM – the leader of BTS .

The male idol has continuously shared his love for art. This is not surprising to fans when previously, RM was famous for his passion for art when he was often seen appearing at various museums and art galleries. In addition, RM has also repeatedly flaunted his personal art collection on social networks.

In this latest podcast episode, RM surprised him by revealing that he is planning to open a small exhibition so he can showcase his personal collection. This information makes the fans extremely excited as this is an individual project that is very different from the rest of the BTS members at this time. “This is my first time announcing but actually I’m planning to open my own little exhibition. Maybe the exhibition will sell coffee on the first floor, my art collection will be displayed on the first floor. 2nd and 3rd floors. That way people can completely admire whenever they want to watch”, RM explained further.

Also on the show, RM shared the first piece of art he owned with great pride. The male idol also said that he feels that people in Korea do not have many opportunities to admire works of art because of the lack of galleries. This is also one of the reasons why he decided to open his own art gallery.

In fact, right after BTS announced that they would suspend group activities in the near future, the members were preparing to debut as solo artists. Jungkook has just released a new song called Left & Right featuring male singer Charlie Puth. Meanwhile, J-Hope is making fans “stand still” when revealing the teaser for his first solo album titled ” Jack In The Box” . However, with RM alone, it seems that he wants to develop in a different way.