The husband of an ARMY is jealous of V BTS and this is how he responded

BTS V's answer probably made the husband more jealous!


If you’re married, dating, or like a fan of BTS, you know a lot of hard work. For example, “I marry you because I can’t marry BTS” or “You are the 8th hottest man in the world, after BTS”…

Many wives, husbands, boyfriends and girlfriends are normal with their other half’s love for BTS, but some can’t help but feel a little jealous… especially when they frankly tell you that you are number 2 in their hearts!

One fan left this post on Weverse: “My V, I love you more than I love my husband. Jealous husband is by my side.”

V respectfully responded to “husband-nim” with a smirking emoji, a blushing kiss emoji, and a blushing smiling face.

In Korean, in cases where you know the other person’s title, you will add “nim” after that person’s title to show respect.

This answer probably makes the husband even more jealous… After all, V’s charm is irresistible!