Shedding tears listening to Jungkook BTS confess about ‘Proof’

Touched why Jungkook chose the songs Dimple and Euphoria to include in BTS's new album.


Recently, BTS uploaded part 4 of “Proof of Inspiration,” a series of videos sharing the members’ inspiration for their upcoming compilation album Proof. This new video features the “golden maknae” Jungkook.

Specifically, the male idol revealed that the reason he chose these two songs was because of his connection with BTS and ARMY. “I added Euphoria and Dimple to this album, to tell the truth, I love singing with the other members and connecting with ARMY no matter what the song is. It’s what I’ve been dreaming of.” – I said.

Jungkook lives to perform and shine on stage, where he can bring joy to thousands of fans. “Even now, I still love to sing and dance and I am extremely happy when I hear the cheers of the audience when I perform. I am always happy when I am on stage and I am happy because there are people who become happy when they see me on stage” – Jungkook expressed.

He added, “Every day, I’m grateful and I enjoy myself. I happily compose music while watching ARMY, and your smiles when you look at me, these are my proofs.”