Rumors of BTS leader RM getting married

According to Allkpop, on June 23, the YouTube channel specializing in news and rumors about celebrity Sojang revealed shocking information that BTS 's leader RM will soon get married.


According to this YouTuber, it has been reported that RM’s rumored bride has told a close acquaintance that she will marry RM. This rumor was shared on a popular Korean-American online community site, where Seo Taiji’s marriage was revealed.

Before that, no one believed that Seo Taiji was married when the news was shared on this online community, but it was later proven to be true.

In addition, a number of other celebrity marriage rumors were spread on this Korean-American website and later proved to be true. 

Therefore, Sojang confirmed that RM’s marriage rumors are most likely true, because the accuracy level from the information given by this person in the past is quite high.