Rumor has it that leader RM (BTS) is about to marry a tycoon, both the company and the male idol have an unexpected move

Many fans can't help but be confused by the rumor that RM (BTS) is about to become "a man's husband".


Recently, on social networks, information has spread that RM (BTS) is about to get married. According to a YouTube channel, the bride is a fan of BTS and met RM in the group’s fan meeting from 2014 – 2015. It is known that this girl is the same age as RM, is a lady of a chaebol family, graduated from Ivy League university. reputation. Rumors were revealed from a Korean-American forum, where the exact marriage of Seo Taiji – Lee Ji Ah as well as a series of other celebrities was “exposed”.

However, on June 24, HYBE Labels side denied rumors that RM was about to become “a man’s husband”, and announced that the company would take legal action against the rumored characters. At the end of 2021, RM was also rumored to be dating this tycoon, but both the company and himself directly denied it. The male rapper quickly made a sour move on Instagram after the company announced it.

According to rumors, the couple has been dating since the end of 2019. RM and his girlfriend are said to check-in at the same place for a while, such as Ilsan Lake Park, the PMK exhibition in Seoul. In addition, RM is said to have posted photos of his girlfriend’s dog on social media.

At the end of 2021, the management company gave a brief denial: “This dating rumor is unfounded”. After that, RM himself also posted a negative status line on the Weverse social network, “I don’t know her, this dog belongs to my friend”.