Public opinion can reverse BTS’s enlistment decision

The new Korean Culture Minister said public opinion is the most important factor in determining whether military exemptions should be given to BTS superstars.


“Conscription is a sacred duty,” Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister Park Bo Gyoon said at his first press conference since he took office in May.
“Secondly, BTS has raised the world’s awareness of Korean culture and greatly improved the Korean brand image, and third, we should balance the realm of pure art with pop culture. them,” Park said during a meeting at the government complex in downtown Sejong.

“I think public opinion is important, above all, although we should reflect all three of these factors,” he said, adding that he had taken public opinion on the matter to the agency. Military Manpower Management and Congress.
In May, Park’s predecessor, Hwang Hee, also called on the National Assembly to quickly pass a bill to include globally recognized male pop culture artists such as BTS in a program that once allowed athletes to participate in sports events. International award-winning classical artists and athletes are given alternative service in their respective fields instead of enlisting.
“The system is operated with the intention of giving those who enhance their national status based on their outstanding skills an additional opportunity to contribute to the country, and there is no reason why the cultural sector Popular art is excluded from this,” he said.
In South Korea, all healthy men are required to enlist in the military for two years. Jin, the oldest member of BTS, must enlist in the army this December.