Proof that V BTS and Lisa Blackpink are the hottest in Korea

With Korean entertainment becoming more and more popular around the world, there are countless Wikipedia articles on various topics related to them, from K-pop idols and groups to K-drama. , actors and athletes...


According to WikiProject Korea, fans can easily see what topics are trending among netizens based on the number of views on Wikipedia.

Here are the 10 most viewed Wikipedia pages related to K-pop this past June. In which, V of BTS and Lisa of Blackpink are the two hottest K-pop artists.
10. Suga (BTS)
During the month of June, the Wikipedia article on Suga received a total of 105.5k views (about 3.5k views per day on average).
9. Jimin (BTS): 108.5 thousand views
8. IU: 109.7 thousand views
7. RM (BTS): 110.4 thousand views
6. Jin (BTS): 111.4 thousand views
5. Lisa (Blackpink): 136.5 thousand views
4. Blackpink: 164.1 thousand views
3. Jungkook (BTS): 170 thousand views
2. V (BTS): 187.8 thousand views
1. BTS: 609.7 thousand views