Overcoming Rose Blackpink, Jungkook BTS broke Spotify’s hottest Korean solo record

He is the third BTS member to achieve this achievement, after Suga and RM.


BTS’ youngest member Jungkook has climbed to the top of countless music charts on streaming platforms, including the top of the Monthly Listeners chart with his recent collaboration with Charlie Puth, Left and Right .

After releasing his first solo product as an OST for the webtoon, Jungkook peaked with over 7 million listeners on his new Spotify account. He became the third Korean solo artist with the highest monthly listeners, after Suga and RM. All thanks to an OST song for the webtoon that was not promoted at all!

With a new collaboration with Charlie Puth, Jungkook has again become the highest monthly Korean solo artist on Spotify with more than 14 million listeners, surpassing Rose Blackpink’s 12.5 million.

Specifically, the top 4 are:
1. Jungkook – 14,187,161
2. Rose – 12,539,674
3. Suga – 11,677,758
4. Psy – 10,334,482
Jungkook also ranked third in the chart of Korean Artists with the highest number of listeners of the month:

1. BTS – 45 million won

2. Blackpink – 29.4 million
3. Jungkook – 14.1 million