No need to be fussy, V (BTS) buys a plain T-shirt to wear it all day long


A plain T-shirt is simple, but it is an extremely good item.

Everyone knows V (BTS) is the perfect boyfriend of many girls. Not only has the visual or “okla” physique, but V’s clothes are also very good. And you know, one of the gut items that helped V to shape his style was a plain T-shirt – a very simple thing, but it did a lot of work.

V has a lot of plain T-shirts and most of them are neutral in color. Among them, the guy who buys the most is a plain white T-shirt. With this item, V can mix with all kinds of different pants and many different recipes. Sometimes wearing them individually, layering with coats again and adding accessories is enough.

That is to say, you really do not need to shop too much and just have a few plain T-shirts that are enough to dress nicely on many occasions. Note, do not buy a T-shirt that is too tight, but choose a sleek or light hug to make it good.