Lisa, V (BTS), Park Bo Gum appeared in the same frame, causing a global storm because of their amazing visuals

On the morning of June 27, the trio of Lisa, V (BTS), Park Bo Gum officially appeared at Celine's show.


Social media has been buzzing throughout the past week with the image of 3 popular Kbiz stars: Lisa, V (BTS) and Park Bo Gum, flying to Paris to attend the Celine Men S/S 2023 show. And this day has finally come. At dawn on June 27, Vietnam time, all 3 artists were officially present at this fashion event. Appearing in the same frame for the first time at a foreign fashion show, Lisa, V (BTS) and Park Bo Gum made people excited at the same time.



Netizens had the opportunity to talk about this appearance of 3 Korean artists:

– All normal camera photos or low angle shots, but the visuals of the trio are still insanely beautiful.

– V and Park Bo Gum are so similar in matching outfits, fortunately the two shirts have different vibes.

– Lisa is always on top, her body is on fire.

– The frame is 3 times the visual, isn’t it.

– Celine is happy this time, invited 3 artists to storm the internet.

-To be honest, V’s outfit doesn’t look good, who let him wear it…

– V is really a visual war god but the suit can’t feel it.