Korean beauties have been caught up in dating rumors of V BTS

As one of the most influential male K-pop idols in the world, not only famous for his top-notch career and handsome appearance, but V's love story also made the press spend a lot of ink.


V has been entangled many times in dating rumors with famous Korean stars. However, V has never confirmed any relationship.

1. Jennie (Blackpink)
On May 22, on social media, a photo of two members of the popular group V (BTS) and Jennie (BlackPink) was driving to Jeju Island. Right after that, G-Dragon – YG’s beautiful boyfriend, pressed unfollow, deleted Jennie’s photo and changed the avatar of the fashion brand to a finger with a harsh meaning. At the same time, Big Bang’s sister also unfollowed Jennie.
V and Jennie became the focus, Chosun Ilbo newspaper then contacted their management agencies YG Entertainment and HYBE Labels to update the situation. However, HYBE remained silent. Particularly, YG said that it has not been able to make an official statement.
2. Tzuyu (Twice)
V and Tzuyu’s dating news broke out when an account specializing in disclosing K-pop scandals pointed out that a BTS member was dating a female idol of Twice’s youngest group. They are very good at hiding their relationship. If they meet face-to-face, they appear to be strangers, but when no one is watching, the two are very intimate.
This news is speculated to be V and Tzuyu. The reason comes from the fact that the male singer, born in 1995, once shared pictures of the concert that the JYP beauties attended. Even netizens said that they often wear the same color and have a sweet reaction to each other when they join the event.
3. Kim Yoo Jung
A blogger gave evidence that V used to drive a GV380 car. Not long after, Kim Yoo Jung uploaded a photo taken with a fan’s gift while sitting in the car. When looking closely at the details, many people realize that the interior of Yoo Jung’s car is similar to the GV380.
The second detail is from the You_r_love account name with the “green tick” of the actress. In one post, V put the hashtag with the words “#yourlovev” – indirectly reminding the star Clouds draw moonlight plus the male idol’s stage name.
4. Jisoo (Blackpink)
Many fans believe that they started dating after taking on the role of host at SBS Super Concert in 2017.
The star couple was constantly spotted wearing couple clothes and interacting with each other right on stage. Many fans discovered that Jisoo and V both often wear red bracelets. This is considered the clearest evidence of both.
There is information that YG’s beauties are given a gift of a red bracelet by the brand. Meanwhile, the BTS member wears a red thread bracelet with the desire to have good luck.
Not only that, the idol duo was also seen wearing a pair of watches and jewelry. Even V and Jisoo have two sets of identical headphones.