Jin BTS suddenly went on national radio because he was mistaken for… ghost

It's an unprecedented feat!


Jin BTS just went from “global handsome” to “global goosebumps” because of an ARMY and her standing photo!

Life-sized hardcover photos are no stranger to Kpop fans. They can be used to decorate parties, display goods and… scare the neighbors ghosts!

A TikTok user in the Philippines recently shared her funny ghost story. Accordingly, she was contacted by the building manager at 23:30 one night after receiving complaints from many residents. They discovered a ghost standing at her window for 4 days straight! Turns out, the scary ghost is Jin’s cover photo!
“They saw a man standing at my window and looking out for four days. How can I explain that it’s actually Kim Seok Jin standing photo!” – This ARMY cried.

As if that wasn’t enough, the humorous incident even made it to national radio in the Philippines! GMA News reported a story that made ARMYs all over the world laugh!