Jin BTS had an incident of crying and laughing, thought it was time

During a live broadcast (livestream), BTS's eldest brother Jin shared about a funny incident that made him think he was no longer famous!


Specifically, right after BTS’s 5th Muster Magic Shop event in Chiba (Japan) ended, Jin went live on V Live to chat with ARMYs who could not attend.

In a few short seconds, fans noticed that the male idol’s eyes seemed rather wistful and worried. BTS’ eldest brother recounted the incident that happened to him: “ARMY know, there’s a funny story behind this livestream. Usually, the staff will be the one to take care of the camera. When I want to livestream. Then they will come and install the camera for me.”

However, when the male idol handled it himself, an incident happened: “When I turned on the camera, no one came in to watch”.
For a moment of bewilderment, the BTS member thought he was no longer famous. “Then I thought: Come on man, maybe BTS is out of time. My reputation is gone. After 1 minute of livestream, no one came to watch. I thought it must have been broadcast for 1 minute. 100 people come in and see. You know? Even when the internet was slow, I thought there must be a few people in to see me. Where did everyone go?” – I said.

Eventually, Jin found himself turning on the camera in the app’s rehearsal mode. As it turned out, the male idol had been talking to himself the whole time, worried about his loss of popularity.
Thankfully, Jin found a way to kick off the live stream. “A tech-savvy person like me has found a way to get the machine to work,” Jin joked.

The live stream then attracted 3 million views from ARMYs around the world, meaning that Jin’s reputation hasn’t “collapsed” as quickly as he thought and fans had a good laugh.” Broken stomach”!