Jimin sets a new record, surpassing BTS on iTunes

Jimin's hit "With You" after 2 weeks of release has achieved many new achievements. In particular, the song has reached the top 1 on iTunes the most, surpassing even BTS .


Jimin’s “With You” was released on April 24. After 2 weeks of release through the sweet vocals of Jimin and Ha Sungwoon, the hit became more and more feverish and prominent on many charts.

Specifically, on the worldwide iTunes platform, the song has surpassed the global hit “Dynamite” of BTS to become the fastest song to reach the most number of top 1 songs in more than 100 countries with less than 5 hours and 70 times. top 1 after just over 3 hours. It is known that this song has ranked 1st in the world’s largest music markets such as the US, France, Japan…

Summarizing after 2 weeks, the song has reached 118 top 1 on iTunes worldwide and becomes the song that won 118 top 1 in the shortest time. “With You” is also the first and only song released this year to reach this milestone. For Jimin, thanks to “With You”, he officially became the only artist with two songs with at least 117 top 1, besides Filter.

Explaining this success, according to Korean media, the song “With You” is a song suitable for young people with good lyrics and attractive melody.

Before that, Jimin continued to top the boy group member brand reputation rankings. He extended his own record as the first and only artist in history to top for 35 consecutive months for a total of 41 months. As can be seen, the attraction of BTS members is not small.