J-Hope BTS ‘livestream’, revealing the location of Suga’s friendship tattoo?

BTS has had many surprises for ARMY up to now. Every day, fans seem to wake up to something new, opening an exciting "chapter 2" for the group.


Just in the last few days, BTS has confirmed that they will be holding a global concert in Busan this October, V’s In the SOOP: Friendcation trailer has been released and BTS has announced a series of Weekly personal vlogs.

Of course, ARMYs also regularly receive content from J-Hope before his album – Jack in the Box.

J-Hope released his new single – MORE – on July 1, announcing an exciting collaboration with American artist and designer KAWS, and releasing his album watchlist.

J-Hope connected with fans through a live broadcast this morning to celebrate his upcoming production.
J-Hope eagerly answered fans’ questions, shared BTS’s reaction to the single MORE , and revealed his plans for the future.

A fan asked J-Hope that many ARMYs are wondering where Suga’s friendship tattoo is.
As of now, 5 members of BTS have posted photos of their friendship tattoos, while V alludes to his location.

Suga has yet to reveal where his tattoo is located. J-Hope seemed to confirm that Suga had a tattoo in his reply to fans but playfully replied.
“It was Yoongi hyung who was supposed to tell you about it, so…” – J-Hope.

With the BTS boys’ vlog and concert coming up in October, fans are hoping Suga and V will reveal their tattoos soon.