J-Hope BTS closes the album release date, anti-fans flock to dirty comments

It seems that J-Hope in his new solo album will be very different from Hope World!


J-Hope BTS has just revealed the release date and teaser images for their upcoming solo album Jack In the Box .

On Instagram on June 27, J-Hope posted a series of photos with the caption, “2022 7/15 Open the box”.

Information that immediately caused a network storm:
– Couldn’t be more excited! From Hope World I knew I had to listen to everything J-Hope did! Peak!
– I’ll be crazy streaming this album the physical version doesn’t count. Still crazy with HYBE!
– The pose this time is so cool! The album is going to be very intense!
– Need the doll version of this creation now!
However, there were also rude comments such as “HYBE is smart, so I gave J-Hope solo first”, “When BTS is still hot, you should release J-Hope right away rather than let Jungkook, V, Jimin solo first. who still listens to J-Hope”, “Shouldn’t the worst give first”,… 

These comments were immediately stoned: “Jealousy is broken forever”, “Anti-fans criticize you for being popular for doing colors but obviously haven’t listened to music. Open Hope World again , listen to it and say it”, ” Whoever hates it will still hate it, the dog will bark at people”, “Do you know that J-Hope is the richest in BTS and makes great music?”, “The more you curse at your brother, the hotter it gets”,…