HYBE has prepared a backup plan for BTS’ enlistment

This is a plan launched to ensure the company's revenue stream after BTS members enlist in the army.


Recently, an analysis was published discussing the competitiveness of entertainment companies during this time. Accordingly, companies must demonstrate growth potential during the pandemic, which is also the reason why entertainment companies are turning to establish more subsidiaries. Recently, the stock prices of all major entertainment companies in Korea have witnessed a serious decline, in which the price of oil on the New York Stock Exchange, Bitcoin, and international oil all dropped sharply.At the present time, Korean entertainment companies have begun to schedule idol activities abroad, such as large-scale tours starting from the second quarter of the year. This will also be a significant source of revenue for entertainment companies in the country of kimchi.

On the side of HYBE – BTS’s management company – announced the first-quarter profit. However, this return fell short of market expectations, one of which was because the capital was deemed too high. According to Allkpop’s analysis, the uncertainty about BTS’ enlistment was also a big part of the reason for the first quarter’s revenue. The thing is that BTS is still this company’s biggest source of income.

After being asked about this issue, the representative of HYBE confirmed that the company had prepared a backup plan for BTS members’ enlistment. This plan is to ensure that the company’s revenue is not affected and continues to operate while the 7 boys perform their military service. However, up to now, HYBE has kept this plan a secret.

Meanwhile, HYBE is also investing in new girl music LE SSERAFIM. This is a group called “BTS’s sister” and is expected to become an outstanding group of the 4th generation. During BTS’ enlistment, LE SSERAFIM will most likely be heavily invested by HYBE. to lead the new generation of K-Pop. However, the audience is still concerned when this group is currently in trouble when a member is suspected of having a violent past at school.