How has BTS changed the world’s perception of Korea?

BTS has not only rewritten the history of the Korean music industry, but also contributed to a positive change in the public's perception of the country.


The Hallyu casino has been around for a long time with the explosion of K-Pop around the world through a series of idol groups such as DBSK, SNSD, Big Bang, Wonder Girls… However, a fact must come. BTS , the Korean music industry can write a new history with a series of records that no one expected a K-Pop group can achieve. The group has truly become a worldwide phenomenon and is recognized as the leader for this industry today.

Along with the popularity of BTS, Korea is also becoming more popular, especially in the tourism industry. An audience member expressed their impression of BTS: “When it comes to Korea, everyone talks about BTS. Tourists want to go to the place where BTS has been, they want to try the food that BTS has eaten.. . All of this is beneficial to Korea’s tourism industry.”

Many people even admit that they started learning Korean thanks to BTS. Or sometimes, the public knows a few simple sentences in Korean by watching videos of this group. “Back in 2015, a lot of people probably didn’t even know Korea. If you were from Asia, they would think you were Chinese or Japanese”, “People know Korea more than one. remembering BTS”, “If you say you’re Korean, people will definitely ask you about BTS”… – some comments from the audience on this issue.

Remember in May, millions of BTS fans gathered in London (UK) to see the billboard of the group in association with Hyundai being released. This was considered an iconic advertisement and fans flocked right in front of the square to show their support for the 7 boys from kimchi country.

Recently, the fact that BTS was invited to the White House to talk with US President Joe Biden about racism against Asians has surprised the public and fans. The fact that a group like BTS can visit the White House has become a historic event when for the first time a K-Pop group can be invited to and meet privately with the President of the United States.

This overwhelming influence of BTS has even raised the question of when will Korea continue to have such a legendary group. Many viewers think that BTS has reached a peak that has never been seen before and that it is difficult for another K-Pop group or artist to do as much as BTS has done in the world. Many people call BTS with the name “legend of legends”. During their activities, BTS has become the representative face when always spreading positive messages as well as against violence and discrimination.

In mid-June, when BTS announced that they would suspend group activities and focus on solo projects, the public was extremely confused and surprised. This also means that the group name BTS will no longer appear when standing with current groups. And the most asked question is the bright candidate to replace BTS to gradually lead the upcoming K-Pop wave. But, it seems that whoever is the next leader will have a hard time keeping up with the achievements that Big Hit’s 7 boys have had.

BTS’ pause even caught the attention of the President of the Korea Singers Association. Ms. Lee Ja Yeon thinks that this act of BTS may cause the Hallyu wave that is growing strongly to decline.

“I’m concerned that the Korean wave is swirling around BTS, the group with the strongest cultural power in Korea and around the world, but this may slowly fade away. Like how hard it is to have a band’ The second Beatles’, it’s just as difficult to have a ‘second BTS.’ I’m worried that the Hallyu wave might decline,” the president of the Korea Singers Association expressed his thoughts.

She said that the fact that BTS is no longer active means that there is no longer Army – the proper name for fans of this boy group. The reason is that many of them are followers of the Hallyu wave, the suspension of BTS activities may lead to a decline in tourism related to this country’s entertainment culture.