“Friendship trip” of V (BTS) and close friends to air in July

V's close association ( BTS ) will send fans the reality show "Friendship Travel" next July.


On June 14, Korean media reported, “In The Soop: Friendship Travel” by HYBE will be broadcast this July.  

“In the Soop” is a reality show produced by HYBE Labels. Participants will have a break from the busy schedule to find peace while being in harmony with nature.  

The “In The Soop” series started with “BTS In the Soop” in 2020. After that, the show returns with “BTS In the Soop 2” and “Seventeen In the Soop” in 2021. Accordingly, the new season will be released under the title “In The Soop: Friendship Travel”.

“Friendship Tour” consists of 4 episodes, broadcast through JTBC and Weverse channels. The content is about a 4 day 3 night trip of longtime close friends. The participating artists are all famous faces in the Korean entertainment industry, including V (BTS), Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Sik, Hyungsik, and Peakboy.  

This is a group of close friends called “Wooga Fam”. As revealed by V (BTS), “Wooga” is an abbreviation of the phrase “Are we family?” (Woo ri-ga Ga jok-inga?) in Korean.  

All 5 boys are not related by blood, but are compatible in terms of personality and interests. After spending time together, they all feel as close as siblings in the family.

“Wooga Fam” often supports each other in projects by sending food trucks, posting support or appearing at concerts, movie premieres, etc.