BTS’s youngest brother “fights” with his brother because of the game, leaving a scar...

Male idol Jungkook (BTS) is also the most passionate about games in Kpop, he likes to play Overwatch, Piano Tiles 2 and Starcraft.

BTS’s Instagram manager is heavily criticized because of one photo

Recently, the admin of BTS's Instagram social network has received much criticism from fans.

Here Are 15+ Idols With Dimples That Are Too Cute To Handle

Idols are adorable all on their own but having some cute dimples definitely adds to their charm! Many idols have been blessed with the lovely feature and whether it be the rare upper cheek dimples, lower cheek dimples, or just one dimple, they all make our hearts melt!

BTS pocket huge revenue from Muster ‘Sowoozoo’ 2021

According to an exclusive report from Maeil Kyungjae, BTS was able to collect 80 billion won (about 71.6 million USD) in 2 days of the group's Muster "Sowoozoo" 2021 performance

Getting an eyeful of BTS photos in Disney cartoon style

Recently, a series of photos of 7 male idols BTS in Disney cartoon style are attracting attention from Korean and international netizens.

Announcement of BTS test results through the FESTA 2021 exam

The reaction of the BTS members when receiving the results is what makes ARMYs most excited!

ARMY screamed when Jin shared the story of having… bathed with V

The BTS members are never afraid to share funny stories and Jin once talked about how V surprised him while he was in the shower.

20+ unedited images of BTS boys, what do you think?

With the “bleaching” common in photos of K-pop idols, it can be incredibly refreshing and wonderful to see vibrant, unedited photos of your favorite idols.

Chinese fans defy the law to install ‘terrible’ billboards for V BTS

V BTS fans in China erected a huge billboard for their idol outdoors without the proper license.
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