BTS’s youngest brother “fights” with his brother because of the game, leaving a scar on his face


Male idol Jungkook (BTS) is also the most passionate about games in Kpop, he likes to play Overwatch, Piano Tiles 2 and Starcraft.

When it comes to BTS, people can’t deny the current popularity of the global group. In particular, Jungkook is also noticed for his handsome appearance and desirable body of many people.

In addition to his talent in music and painting, the male idol also possesses a good ability to play games. Jungkook used to play games in his free time and when he was younger, he fought with his brother to play computer games. Due to the fight, a scar was left on Jungkook’s left cheek.

In addition, in a video posted on BangtanTV YouTube channel in the waiting room for the promotion of MV Run (2015), member Jimin revealed that the game Jungkook played every day back then was Piano Tiles 2.

In episode 94 of the entertainment show “Knowing Brothers” there was the participation of BTS as a guest. Jin revealed that Jungkook bought 2-3 computers to play games and have the ability to play two at the same time.

In a survey by Idol Chart to choose the idol that people think would be suitable to play games with, Jungkook took the overwhelming position. Next, two artists Park Jihoon and Sakura Miyawaki also appeared on this list.

Besides, in the press conference to introduce a new show called Want To Challenge GG? in May 2019 with the presence of Shindong (Super Junior), this artist offered to invite V and Jungkook to play games in the new show. Because I know both of them are very good at the game.

When asked about his favorite game, he wouldn’t hesitate to say it’s Overwatch and his favorite character is McCree.

The male singer once posted a video playing Overwatch on the group’s Twitter and received countless compliments about his game ability from professional gamers and e-sports sites.

In 2 episodes 107 – 108 of the reality show Run BTS with the theme of BTS Game Team, Jungkook again made fans admire his game ability.

League of Legends round between team A (RM, Faker, Suga, Cuzz, Teddy, Jimin) and team B (Jungkook, Jin, Effort, Canna, V, J-Hope), when entering the game Suga and J-Hope did not in the squad. When choosing Dr. Mundo, the two sides’ lineups were too different in talent, Faker and Jin, but it was a surprise when the professional gamer was “killed” by Jungkook.

Next, with round 2 of the game Gang Beasts, a funny situation happened. After Team A was left with only Teddy and Team B and Jungkook and J-Hope, J-Hope and Teddy rushed into battle and pushed each other down the tracks.

And the male singer just stood and bowed to the two people who were fighting and being destroyed by the tram, creating struggling laughter from everyone.

With the group’s best gaming skills, if he hadn’t been a male idol singer, he would have fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a professional gamer.