BTS’s Instagram manager is heavily criticized because of one photo


Recently, the admin of BTS's Instagram social network has received much criticism from fans.

Specifically, on June 23, fans noticed that on BTS’s Instagram, there were 2 strange photos posted in the story section of the application.The first photo was taken at the foot of the bed and the second had a sticker that read: “BFF”. In particular, in the lower left corner of both of these photos there are feet, a high possibility of a woman.Immediately, ARMY guessed that it was the person who held the right to manage this account of BTS (the employee of HYBE Labels) unintentionally uploading them.On a Korean forum, many fans said this is not the first time such an incident has happened. “Please be more careful. Mistakes happen not even for the first time” – one netizen wrote.Another netizen criticized, “The company’s employees are not worthy of their artists”.

Previously, a similar “accident” also happened and revealed BTS’s song “Life Goes On” before debut.