BTS – The group that owns the most trophies in Billboard Music Awards history

By continuously winning trophies at every BIllboard Music Awards ceremony for 5 consecutive years, BTS has officially broken Destiny's Child's record.


Today (May 16), the organizers of the Billboard Music Awards 2022 announced the list of award winners, in which BTS won 3/6 of the nominated categories.

Specifically, in today’s awards ceremony, 7 boys from kimchi country were honored in 3 categories: Best Vocal Group/Duet, Artist with the highest sales of songs, and songs with high sales. most (for Butter ). This is also the second year in a row that the group has won all three of these categories. In addition, 2022 also marks the third time BTS won the important category of Best Group/Duet at the Billboard Music Awards. BTS made history for the first time with their win in this category in 2019.

According to Soompi, BTS has continuously become the winner at every Billboard Music Awards since 2017. At the present time, this Korean group has a total of 12 trophies, beating Destiny’s Child’s record. to become the group that owns the most awards in Billboard Music Awards history. Before that, Destiny’s Child held the record with 11 wins. This record has been held for 17 years, until it was toppled by BTS today.

Immediately after the information was posted, the fans congratulated BTS with the new record. This continues to be a remarkable achievement that 7 members have achieved in their musical careers.

As expected, with the current resounding success, BTS will continue to raise their number of Billboard Music Awards trophies in the coming years.