BTS reappears for filming, trendy summer clothes

BTS' streetwear is always worth learning when the seasons change!


BTS members have just been seen appearing at Jangchung Stadium to prepare to record M Countdown. They will be performing the title track Yet To Come to promote their new album Proof .

Crowds of fans and reporters were present to get a glimpse of the K-pop group that has been making music history.
Here are the latest pictures of BTS:

Simple, temperament like Jin

At least like Suga. ARMYs must be familiar with this shirt!

RM is loyal to street style

Jimin, who is always appreciated for his style of dressing, looks simple and exudes elegance

The youngest with the familiar dusty style

Hip hop never dies

Holy shirt is here
Some comments from netizens:
– What’s wrong with wearing casual clothes and still looking handsome and attractive? So excited to see the band perform again!
– It’s heartwarming to see BTS come back to music shows. Always work hard no matter what!