BTS pocket huge revenue from Muster ‘Sowoozoo’ 2021


According to an exclusive report from Maeil Kyungjae, BTS was able to collect 80 billion won (about 71.6 million USD) in 2 days of the group's Muster "Sowoozoo" 2021 performance

Based on Big Hit Music’s press release, which announced that 1.33 million people from 195 different countries have watched “Sowoozoo,” Maeil Kyungjae was able to estimate the revenue it brought in.

If counting a normal Muster ticket is 49,500 won (about 44.3 USD) and 4K ticket is 59,500 won (about 53.3 USD), ticket sales alone have brought in from 65.8 billion won (about 59.0 USD). million USD) to 79.1 billion won (about 70.9 million USD).

In addition, the sale of various merchandise and merchandise such as the ARMY Bomb light stick brought in an estimated total revenue of more than 80 billion won (approximately $71.6 million).

BTS’s “Sowoozoo” 2021 muster delivered a series of unforgettable moments as well as some hilarious moments.

Naturally, with over 1 million fans following, there’s bound to be some great fan reactions.