BTS is temporarily disbanding

BTS announced to suspend group activities for a short time. The group intends to focus on personal career development to improve themselves.


In the BTS Festa Dinner video posted on June 14, male singer Suga announced that BTS will officially suspend group activities in the near future.

The group plans to take advantage of this moment to “rediscover themselves” and focus on developing individual activities, such as releasing a solo album.

Explaining the above decision, leader RM said that many things changed after BTS released Butter and Permission To Dance . “I don’t know what kind of group BTS is anymore,” he shared.

According to RM, the dense working schedule of the idol industry system “doesn’t give stars time to mature”.

Besides RM, the other members also experienced many difficulties during their activities, to the point that RM worried that BTS “lost direction as a group”. The break from group activities gives the 7 members time to reflect and rediscover their own colors and imprints.

Understanding that the sudden announcement could worry fans, BTS said the hiatus “doesn’t last forever”. This decision was made in order for BTS to improve as a group and find joy in music again. In particular, member Suga emphasized that the group will not disband.

j-hope expressed, “I think we should spend some time apart to learn how to work together as a group. I hope no one sees this as a negative thing.”

He believes that this decision helps BTS become stronger, and the “synergy” of the 7 members after this period of time will become more special than ever.

Currently, all 7 members have moved out after their dorm contract ended. During the time of separating from individual activities, the group still plans to record the reality show Run BTS together.