Admiring BTS’s parents: Jin’s mother is a beauty queen, his father is CEO


Along with the popularity of BTS at the present time, people are more curious about the parents of 7 "golden" boys of Kpop. There are such excellent children, of course these parents are also very special.

Referring to BTS, people immediately think of 7 talented boys who have made Kpop a great name. And of course, the success they have today is not only thanks to their efforts, but also the great merit of A.R.M.Y. But not all, behind each of those boys, there are families behind each of the people who are solidly supporting and following the steps of the 7 members.Along with the popularity of BTS at the present time, people are more curious about the parents of 7 “golden” boys of Kpop. There are such excellent children, of course these parents are also very special.Jin (BTS): Mother is Beauty Queen, father is the CEO

Referring to Jin, people immediately think of a guy with a handsome and handsome appearance, so Jin is intended to be BTS’s main visual besides the role of vocal. His background is also extremely admirable when his father is a CEO, a mother who took the Miss Korea competition.

Jin’s family is a wealthy family and Jin’s father is also a famous CEO. There are not many documents and current images about Jin’s father, but just looking at the photos from Jin’s time is enough to see that this guy’s father is also quite tall and stylish. More specifically, Jin’s mother participated in the Miss Korea competition. Therefore, it is not difficult to explain Jin’s handsome beauty, style and immense charisma which must have inherited from his parents.

He used to come to Australia to study in an exchange program with super expensive fees. The members of BTS have also been generous with Jin many times since they were trainees.

Jungkook (BTS): Parents are extremely “old hacked”

The golden maknae of BTS – Jungkook possesses an immeasurably transformed handsome, at times sexy, sometimes in a lovely style. The most impressive thing about Jungkook’s appearance is his face like “flipping milk”.

And you do not need to ask any more questions because surely this guy’s “extreme” young face is thanks to inheriting “young genes” from his parents. Even when they appear with their parents many times, they even mistook these two parents for Jungkook’s brother and sister.

Kim Tae-hyung (BTS): His parents are as beautiful as actors, shocking because he was younger

Kim Tae-hyung also known as V – who was voted by TC Candler as the guy with the most handsome face in the world, with every facial line is so perfect that it is surreal. It was discovered that this beauty of V turned out to be inherited from his father.

The proof is that when placing the picture of V next to the image of father V when he was a child, the similarities can be clearly seen. Father V at that time looked handsome, not inferior to famous actors. And mother V was also praised for her youthful look, harmonious small face and smooth white skin.

J-Hope (BTS): Mom works away from home to have money for you to fulfill your dreams

Not willing to be born into a rich family, J-Hope’s path to becoming an idol is quite difficult. The guy’s father was opposed to him becoming an idol while his mother was fully supportive. Because she wants her children to be able to fulfill her dream, she is willing to go away from her hometown to do business, so she supports J-Hope to be a trainee in the best way. J-Hope’s success today is greatly thanks to his mother, so he specially wrote the song “Mama” to thank and thank his mother.

RM (BTS): Dad used to pursue art, worked for a company modeled by his son

In contrast to J-Hope, RM received fierce opposition from his mother when deciding to become an idol, but his father was not harsh. Thanks to the achievements from his efforts to prove himself, two parents finally accepted his path.

RM himself once said in his own autobiography that his father also pursued art, even the current agency that RM represents is where his father works. Perhaps that is also the reason why his father did not object when he decided to pursue his dream of becoming an idol.Suga (BTS): Parents used to not attend any of our children’s events

In the same situation as J-Hope or RM, Suga also had his family prevented his dream of making art, even his parents did not acknowledge or participate in any music events in his presence.

Fortunately, the views of the two parents changed later, Suga’s mother even became a “hard fan” not to miss any BTS concerts. Fans of the group even said that once they met Suga’s father and heard him wonder, “I don’t understand why you guys like Suga so much”.

Jimin (BTS): Parents “super mysterious”

Having never made a public appearance in public, Jimin’s parents are still a mystery to the group’s fans. Only a few lucky fans who were present at the concert had ever met Jimin’s parents.

Although he hid his parents super secret, Jimin still did not hesitate to mention his mother in public, once he even called his mother in a live broadcast.