A series of interesting messages can be missed in the MV teaser for BTS’ ‘Permission to Dance’


Trailer for MV Permission to Dance of BTS has been released. The teaser is short but is considered attractive and reveals a few details about the group's latest product.

Here are 10 details you might have missed if you only watched the teaser once:

  1. Magazine titles

BTS bids farewell to the COVID-19 pandemic on “The Daily” in the future. The date on the magazine is 2022

One headline read: “Harbingers of Hope. Purple balloons signal the end of the Covid-19 pandemic.” Attached is the phone number “Order now: 201-3613” – BTS’s debut date (June 13, 2013).

Another headline read: “We all work together to overcome the pandemic. Nothing can stop us.”

The song BTS released during the epidemic “Life Goes On” is also mentioned on the cover, above the headline “Starting a new post-pandemic era”.

Another meaningful message: “Goodbye masks. Let’s never see each other again”

  1. Emphasize the number 7

BTS often emphasizes the number 7 in their MV


This tradition can be seen through the inscription on the window behind Jin and J-Hope

  1. The phone number ARMY will never forget – 20130613

4. Purple and Yellow

An inspirational quote is drawn on a purple balloon behind Jungkook, V, and Jin: “Let’s live with the mindset that we ourselves are as precious as gold”. This message could be related to BTS’s song “Stay Gold” or “Butter”.

  1. Positive Atmosphere

In the upper left corner, another notice reads: “just keep the vibes right”, which seems to be a reference to the lyrics in “Butter”: “Go to the parties, to get the vibes suitable”

  1. Mysterious messages

Three more blocks of text can be seen from this teaser, but it looks like fans will have to wait until the official MV is out to get a better look at them.

  1. The kids

Who are they? Some fans are wondering if the son of BTS’s choreographer, Son Sung Deuk, will play a cameo. The kids are releasing the “hopeful” balloons that appeared earlier in the trailer. One of the kids was also wearing purple, BTS’ signature color.

  1. Film set

An extension section has been built next to the store, but it’s not yet clear what it will be used for. With BTS’ cowboy-inspired outfits, could a pub pop up?

  1. World tour locations?

If Permission to Dance is about 2022, could the implication of this photo mean that BTS will finally be on the road again next year?