7 BTS members reveal their family background and past life before debut

BTS had the opportunity to briefly share each member's family and life situation, pre-debut orientation



The male leader and rapper of BTS almost chose a completely different path while living in Ilsan. Instead of pursuing his passion for music, RM considered going to college to study journalism. RM also said that the first song he composed himself was in 2007, which means he was only about 12 or 13 years old then

At that age, RM showed a burning passion for composing music. And now that dream has come true when the male rapper has a very important role in producing and composing music for BTS ‘s career . However, when he recalled the first song he wrote in the past, he called it a ‘disaster’. RM jokingly said: I can’t even tell if the lyrics are in Korean or not.’


Although Jin has never directly bragged about his family background, BTS fans all know that the male idol comes from a very wealthy family in business. In an interview with WSJ ., the male idol said he was born into a business family in Gwacheon.

Jin shared:  ‘My family is in the business, so they are all good speakers. ‘ When hearing the group’s eldest brother say this, member V further commented, ‘He possesses the same language skills as his mother.’


Like most of the other members of the group, Suga was born into a family in Daegu that has ‘nothing to do with art or entertainment’. Even so, Suga also revealed that his mother learned to draw at the age of 60, and Suga is also starting to show a passion for art recently

If it was in another world, maybe Suga met RM as a colleague in the same industry. Suga ‘s father always encouraged the male rapper to pursue a career in journalism, while when he was young, he wanted to be a firefighter. However, all could not stop Suga ‘s great passion for music – who wrote his first song at the age of 13. The rapper said he lost the recording of the song, but said: ‘I still remember that song, and I will use it at some point.’


J-Hope is a ‘dancing machine’ born in Gwangju, and he doesn’t follow in the footsteps of his father or mother. J-Hope describes his mother as a ‘very strong-willed’ woman who used to run an internet cafe. Meanwhile, the rapper’s father is a literature teacher

Because his family does not have artistic blood, J-Hope also wondered where his passion came from. But there is one thing that he is sure of more than anyone – he chose to follow his passion for dance from an early age. J-Hope shared : ‘I used to wonder why I was able to dance like that.’ Jin further revealed: ‘His father is a rather strict person .’


Jimin was born in Busan, and from an early age studied kendo (a Japanese martial art). That’s why the male idol once had a dream of becoming a policeman. However, Jimin ‘s father advised his son to pursue a career as a prosecutor.

However, everything completely changed after Jimin started taking dance and choreography lessons in middle school. He decided he had to continue pursuing his dream of standing on stage and performing choreography until with everyone. This dream has now become a reality as Jimin ‘s skills have contributed to making BTS more special than ever.


V is also from Daegu, but is different from Suga when the male idol’s family ‘has always flowing artistic blood.’ Since childhood, V has always wanted to be a famous singer. The male idol said he may be influenced by his father, who once dreamed of becoming a star.

And although V didn’t say more about his father, Jin couldn’t stop himself from giving him a compliment: ‘Taehyung’s father* is an incredibly talented person.’ (* V ‘s real name ) And when we look at today’s excellent V , people understand more and more what is the saying ‘children of the same family are not like feathers like wings’.


Jungkook is also from Busan, but different from Jimin as he comes from an artistic family. BTS ‘s youngest brother  inherited his golden voice from his parents when both of them love singing

Jungkook is also a multi-talented artist, especially gifted in painting. And Jungkook ‘s brother is also famous for his artistic talent with impressive paintings. The multi-talented male idol born in 1997 is definitely in his inborn genes