15 Reinforcements Steels Pics That Are Turned On Your Creativity


Artistic photographs of steel reinforcement in construction demonstrate that construction workers have high hands. Let us explore them and hope you will enjoy them.

#1. Amazing steel Work

#2. Incredble steel work

#3. Compare steel works!

#4. How to locate baseplate inside foundation. Is it correct way!

#5. Mass rebar work with great worker

#6. Great rebar work !

#7. Rebar reinforcement what’s your comment?

#8. It may going to take some massive structure. Steel structure

#9. Do you know what is this!?

#10. Detail of pleated ladder armor, the one in which its bottom part follows the entire shape of the ladder. ??

#11. Ingenious solutions; verification of reinforcement to puncture by @carlosrafael.bs

#12. Your steel seems to be waving

#13. Nice Building!

#14. Rebar workBy: @yosiluz

#15. Reinforcement detailing of hanging type tread of staircase .

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