12 random facts about BTS that every fan doesn’t know

As an ARMY, are you sure you know all about the 7 Big Hit boys? Here are 12 surprising and interesting random facts about the boys of BTS for you to check your "hard fan" level!


1. RM .’s TOEIC score
Since middle school, RM has achieved 850 points on the TOEIC test (an English certificate similar to IELTS, TOEFL,…). Therefore, it is not surprising that the leader of BTS becomes the “English spokesman” of the group. Even Jackson (GOT7) revealed that the reason for being friends with RM was because he thought he was also a foreigner.

2. VU’s Saxophone Talent
Also when he was a middle school student, “boy” V participated in a saxophone competition and won the first prize in the southern region of Gyeongnam province.

3. Jimin’s position in school
In an episode of Run BTS!, Jimin revealed that in the past, he had been a model class president for 9 years straight.

4. VU’s “reluctant” city tour
When V and his father went to Seoul to exchange contracts with Big Hit, the two took a taxi from Incheon Airport to Sinsadong for 32,800 KRW (about 30 USD) instead of 5,600 KRW (about 5 USD) as usual due to the driver. The driver deliberately went to “buy the road”.
5. Suga’s hobby of playing basketball
17-year-old Suga once won a big match at the 9th Basketball tournament of the whole city of Deagu – his hometown and was nicknamed: “The boy who brings pride to Gangbuk High School”.

6. Jungkook’s shyness when he first met BTS
Back in the difficult trainee days, when Jungkook was still a shy boy, his introversion was evident, he only dared to take a bath when the other members had gone to sleep. .

7. The pillow is “favored” by Jin
On most trips, Jin brings a gray pillow with white stripes. Not only that, the photo below also proves that he also uses this pillow when going to bed every night. It seems that the gift from a fan in Jin 26 was very popular with the eldest brother.

8. What is Jungkook’s sharp jawline?
After many times “falling down” because of the boyish jawline of BTS maknae, fans made a small measurement and came up with an unexpected number: 130 degrees!

9. BTS’s favorite ice cream flavor
Through behind-the-scenes clips, fans have carefully discovered that these “faithful” boys, from the first years of their activities until now, often choose only one cake to celebrate the members’ birthdays. ARMYs can try Twosome Place’s “Strawberry Chocolate Whipped Cream Cake” for a taste of BTS.

10. Is anyone in BTS religious?
The answer is no, the group has no religious followers.
11. Jimin’s childhood dream
Jimin was once greatly inspired by the Japanese manga series One Piece. He also told his mother that his goal is to become “the best swordsman in the world” and studied this subject for 8 years.

12. The mics of the “richkid” BTS
This set of 7 beautiful sparkling mics from the group is hand-engraved by an artist with about 4,500 Swarovski crystals. With what BTS has contributed, perhaps this little gem is just one of the rewards the group deserves!